Save time

Manage orders from multiple e-shops in one place. In normal operation, you will not have to access the administration of each e-shop separately.

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Simplify your work

With synchronisation, you won’t have to do the same things over and over again. When you create or edit products, just make the changes in one e-shop and the same products in other e-shops will automatically sync. This way you can easily share reviews, comments or articles as well.

Automate your stock

Automatic synchronisation of stock levels ensures that your offer is always up-to-date. If a product sells out on one e-shop, the stock will be automatically reduced on all of them.

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Increase security

Create sub-users and assign access to each section of the application. Thanks to this, you will no longer have to access the administrations of individual e-shops when processing orders. This will reduce the risk of accidents, accidental clicks and security threats.

Keep track

Access data from your e-shops in one place. Toret Manager collects up-to-date data from all connected e-shops so you never lose track.

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